Jamil Hasan’s first podcast of 2022 to launch Season 3 of his successful crypto corner podcast show with Irish Tech News

Verge Crypto, Quantum, Casino Coins, Cyber with Mark Wittenberg, Mihael Radoslovic

Mark is a crypto educator with a huge following. He has been in Partner Development with the Verge currency ($XVG) Core Team since early 2018. He was also an exhibitor and Top Influencer at CES2021. Mark is currently on the board of advisors for Voice Life Inc , Hypersphere Technologies, and CasinoCoin. His links with cryptocurrency go as far back as 2010. His love for all things crypto is reflected in his very impressive 239,000 followers on Twitter( @itsmwittenberg )

Mihael Radoslovic

Mihael is a member of both Verge and Voice Life teams. He was born in Rijeka, Croatia where he finished his education for mechanical engineer. He worked as an offshore mechanical engineer for 15 years where he was responsible for a team of engineers. However, he recently decided to focus on what he is most passionate about – changing the world for the better with new advanced technologies. As a true ambassador of decentralized and open-source projects, Mihael joined the Verge community in early 2017 and quickly realized he could support the project from within the team by managing the internal team action and communications.

His roles in the Verge team have changed multiple times over the years and for the past two years he volunteers as Project Manager for Verge Currency. In September 2021 Mihael joined Voice Life as Project Manager where he oversees all aspects of the project and coordinates various departments to ensure all projects are delivered on time. He enjoys working with other individuals and teams on delivering the latest technologies and inventions to the world.

Jamil Hasan is a crypto and blockchain focused podcast host at the Irish Tech News and spearheads our weekend content “The Crypto Corner” where he interviews founders, entrepreneurs and global thought leaders.

Prior to his endeavors into the crypto-verse in July 2017, Jamil built an impressive career as a data, operations, financial, technology and business analyst and manager in Corporate America, including twelve years at American International Group and its related companies.

Since entering the crypto universe, Jamil has been an advisor, entrepreneur, investor and author. His books “Blockchain Ethics: A Bridge to Abundance” (2018) and “Re-Generation X” (2020) not only discuss the benefits of blockchain technology, but also capture Jamil’s experience on how he has transitioned from being a loyal yet downsized former corporate employee to a self sovereign individual.

With over ninety podcasts under his belt since he joined our team in February 2021, and with four years of experience both managing his own crypto portfolio and providing crypto guidance and counsel to select clients, Jamil continues to seek opportunities to help others navigate this still nascent industry.

Jamil’s primary focus outside of podcast hosting is helping former corporate employees gain the necessary skills and vision to build their own crypto portfolios and create wealth for the long-term.

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