Datapac, Ireland’s leading technology solutions and services provider, has announced that its managed services revenues grew to €6m in 2021. A significant part of this growth was the increased demand for its managed IT helpdesk service which increased by more than 50% last year.

Demand for the managed IT helpdesk service has been driven by rising end-user expectations of customer support consistency and availability, a shortage of skilled IT professionals to deliver customer support in-house, and a need to manage new ways of working, particularly from home.

Datapac’s IT helpdesk service provides a fully-managed support desk for organisations and their end-users. The service operates as an extension of the organisation, so when an end-user contacts the helpdesk, the experience is no different as to if they had contacted an internally operated service.

In recent years, Datapac has expanded its customer support team as well as evolving and enhancing its service infrastructure to meet a rising market demand for managed IT helpdesk services. This includes an investment in best-in-class management platforms, new automated technologies, and a more than €500,000 investment per annum in training and development for its team.

Datapac’s managed IT helpdesk service is designed to provide flexibility to Irish businesses, including the ability to increase or decrease levels of support to manage spikes or lulls in demand. This is particularly useful for businesses impacted by Covid-19, enabling customer support service continuity even with remote or hybrid working policies in place and the increased possibility of team absences. Gaining a transparent, controllable, fixed monthly cost for the user support function is vital for most businesses in the current climate.

Datapac’s total managed services customer base has grown beyond 750, with Irish organisations from a range of sectors utilising the managed IT helpdesk service, including Special Olympics Ireland, Local Government Management Agency (LGMA), and Kefron.

Businesses can avail of varying levels of support from Datapac. As well as the provision of a call management platform with end-user queries managed from initial logging through to close-off and reporting, customers can also escalate organisation level issues to Datapac’s specialist infrastructure teams.

Karen O’Connor, general manager, Datapac, said: “Organisations face an increasingly high bar for meeting the support expectations of their end-users, who are now accustomed to high levels of availability and faster response times. This can be a challenge for businesses and many are turning to managed providers like Datapac with the skills, knowledge and infrastructure in place to integrate within an organisation and provide seamless IT helpdesk support.

“Businesses across Ireland have been facing entirely new challenges and having a reliable and flexible support service in place at a fixed monthly cost is a huge benefit, allowing them to focus internal resources and attention on their core activities and strategy. Datapac’s expertly skilled support team, high levels of accreditation, and commitment to continuous improvement mean that our customers and their end-users can work securely and productively from any location, safe in the knowledge that Datapac is on hand to help.”

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