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News and views on current and future trends in robot technology and artificial intelligence.

ep.347: Event Cameras – An Evolution in Visual Data Capture, with Davide Scaramuzza
34 min 19 sec

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Dr. Liam Paull, cofounder of the Duckietown competition talks about the only robotics competition where Rubber Duckies are the passengers on an autonomous driving track.

May 16

13 min 57 sec

Dr. Carolyn Matl, Research Scientist at Toyota Research Institute, explains why Interactive Perception and soft tactile sensors are critical for manipulating challenging objects such as liquids, grains, and dough.

Apr 21

35 min 26 sec

Joe Speed, VP of Product at ApexAI, dives into the current multi-year development process of bringing a car to market, and how ApexAI will transform this process into the shorter development time we see with modern technology.

Apr 8

39 min 44 sec

Rob Telson dives into the Akida Neural Processor from BrainChip, which is mimicking the five senses from the human brain on a low-powered chip.

Mar 23

30 min 30 sec

Davide Scaramuzza deep dives into Event Cameras, a fundamentally new approach to capturing visual data

Mar 8

34 min 19 sec

Suma Reddy discusses crop transportation with autonomous mobile robots made by Future Acres.

Feb 21

28 min 7 sec

Oleg Shipitko discusses Evocargo's approach to transform the way we transport goods within facilities such as ports and warehouses.

Feb 7

23 min 41 sec

Jakob Foerster, an Associate Professor at the University of Oxford, dives into his work on multi-agent reinforcement learning.

Jan 25

39 min 48 sec

Torrey Smith discusses a robot you swallow that livestreams your digestive system for medical procedures such as endoscopies.

Jan 3

53 min 50 sec

Brad Bogolea discusses the innovation behind Tally, the autonomous robot from Simbe Robotics. Tally collects real-time analytics inside retail stores to improve the customer shopping experience, as well as the efficiency of managing the store.

Nov 2021

30 min 31 sec