The Team

Core Team:

John Armstrong

John is our founder and the driving force behind Irish Tech News. He loves technology in all its forms. Loves writing about and discussing it even more! Passionate about the SME and Start-Up sector, if you don’t find him writing a Business Showcase article, he’s most likely designing another website.

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Simon Cocking

SCSimon is Senior Editor at Irish Tech News and has been based in Dublin for almost 20 years. He has founded three companies, two Coops, and introduced one national sport to the country. Along the way, he’s met a lot of great people in Ireland and continues to enjoy working in and writing about the Irish Tech scene.

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Ronan Leonard 

Ronan is a Blogger, Freelance Journalist, and Podcaster, whose areas of interest are AI, Gadgets, Gaming, Security,  Social Media, Startups, and Tech.

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Melanie Boylan

Melanie is a Freelance Journalist / Podcaster and covers areas like Space, Science, STEM, Climate, Change, Sustainability, StartUp & Tech

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Guest Contributors:








If you would like to contribute to Irish Tech News please contact us on [email protected].

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