According to, Warsaw is one of the top 10 most vegan-friendly cities in the world. The report counted 47 vegan restaurants and over 100 meat-free-friendly places in the capital, and these numbers are still growing despite the pandemic.

Vegan Warsaw movie to premiere January 14 on YouTube

Vegan Warsaw shows the other side of the capitals popular restaurants serving plant-based cuisine – the motivation of the creators. Like the whole gastronomy sector, plant-based businesses were affected by COVID-19, but something special allowed them to survive. The protagonists of the material are mainly people who started their own business, sometimes without a plan and without money, but always with a vision and passion. Belief in the need to change Poles eating habits is their source of energy for action. They get the biggest satisfaction from moments when a hardened meat-lover praises soy pork steak or is not able to distinguish it from animal-based.

However Vegan Warsaw is first and foremost a story about people. As consumers, we often don’t think about the person who prepared our meal. Yulia from Belarus, Maysoon from Iraq or Haregu from Eritrea are people who cook plant-based dishes for Polish citizens every day. As a team, they see their work as a social mission that goes beyond just catering. They dream about abolishing borders, animal liberation, and equality of all people. They are not apolitical, they are very clear about their beliefs and it is this idea that motivates them to continue working.

The documentary was made possible thanks to the support of the Veg Fund and the Green REV Institute, with the special patronage of Dr. Sylwia Spurek, MEP Greens/EFA. Special partners of the film are the organizations Action Democracy (Poland) and Plant Based Treaty (global).

Media patrons: Noizz, Krytyka Polityczna, Green Interia, Kukbuk, Food Friends.

Vegan Warsaw
Directed by: Marcin Anaszewicz, Anna Spurek
Year of production: 2021
Premiere: January 14, 2022 – on Youtube


Philip Lymbery, Global CEO of Compassion in World Farming, Visiting Professor, University of Winchester, President, Eurogroup for Animals, founding Board member, World Federation for Animals and UN 2021 Food Systems Summit Champion. Author of Farmageddon: The true cost of cheap meat, and Dead Zone: Where the wild things were.

“Opening to the sound of an emergency services siren, this film produced by the Green REV Institute, neatly avoids becoming an onslaught of hard facts and instead quickly pans out to be a lively and very personable exploration into the people pioneering a better way for compassionate food in Warsaw.

This engaging half-hour film is not a lecture, more a heart-on-sleeve confession, an honest appraisal by the individuals that found themselves in front of the camera.
Its characters are real-life folk with little money, but the rich determination to make a go of things – and they do. Running restaurants, bistros, and bars in Poland’s veganic center of Warsaw, the personalities behind the businesses unpack the dreams and challenges that lie behind their successful plant-based businesses. They reveal why personal views and professional motivations have combined to create new lifestyles that are helping to create a better future for animals, people, and the planet.

Whilst watching Wega?ska Warszawa on YouTube, I was also invited to see Elon Musk talking about his big-money forays into space to escape catastrophe from an expanding sun in half a billion years’ time. What Musk failed to address is the coming crisis of climate and nature collapse that threatens life on Earth in a matter of just decades.

The contrast between the two videos could not have been starker. In Wega?ska Warszawa is an alternative world created by real people with precious little money, driven by powerful, inspiring visions that show the way for a sustainable, healthy, compassionate future for all who inhabit planet Earth.

On a practical note, watch it and put the places featured on your ‘must-visit list for next time you’re in Warsaw. I know I have!”

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